Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Listening Journal, Week 8

This final edition of listening is just one song.  It is the Bodysnatchers, performed by Radiohead.  The song begins with an electric guitar solo.  Once the vocalist enters there is a back beat, but it is not by a drum set, but another guitar.  As the song progresses another guitar enters.  When the song arrives at the "chorus", the vocalist almost becomes an instrument with the guitars.  It is very effective.  The balance of the song is almost even, meaning that the guitar and vocalist are on the same level.  The song enters a new section, in which the timbre of the song changes.  The vocalist is demonstrating a fairly wide range using falsetto.  There are several special effects being used with the balance shifting back and forth between focus on the vocalist and focus on the guitar.  There is also a lot of echo being used.  The song ends with feedback sounding from a lone guitar.  

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